Hi, I’m Lee I’m a project manager from ShenZhen, China.

I’m currently living in Singapore and working as a B2B copywriter.

I have a decade of experience in Chinese fintech startup space as a PM for TaoBao, MeiTuan and DouYin (now TikTok).


Mar 2016 - Aug 2019
Senior Product Manager
at DouYin (TikTok)

The last 3 years of my career (before I transitioned to B2B and fintech writing) I spent as a senior product manager at DouYin (now TikTok). I worked closely with Digital Operations teams to ensure the adoption of digital tools by holding those teams accountable in regard to reaching financial milestones and project goals.

I managed interdependencies, budgets, and resources across multiple programs and products. I also identified and evaluated program risks, and produced program reports for stakeholders and management.

Apr 2012 - January 2016
Marketing and Advertising Manager
at Taobao Marketplace

After my time at Meituan, I became a marketing and advertising manager for Taobao Marketplace. I was primarily responsible for tracking, reporting, and analyzing the performance of marketing activities, ad-hoc analytic requests, and the development/automation of regular reports.

I analyzed external and internal customer data using database queries, spreadsheet models, campaign management software, and web analytics and statistical analysis tools.

August 2010 - Feb 2012
Senior Product Manager
at Meituan

I worked as a senior product manager role at Meituan, where I spent two years of my career. My primary role was to drive new product commercialization and product enhancement priorities for the Embedded Payments and Insurance Portfolio. I learned how to identify customer needs utilizing evidence-based decision-making.

I partnered with and led people at all levels of the organization to integrate inputs and develop distinctive plans to maximize the company’s growth and return on investment.

Nov 2005 - Feb 2009
Financial Analyst
at Shanghai Investment Venture Capital

I began my career by spending two years as a Financial Analyst at Shanghai Investment Venture Capital.

My primary role was to provide support to prospective and existing companies for investment, and to conduct financial analyses on emerging industry specific financial models.

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About me

Last year I made the decision to transition
from my past roles as a product and marketing manager
to a B2B copywriter.

I felt it was time for me to take advantage of the opportunity to work as a remote writer while exploring more of the world.

I also wanted an outlet to share with other people in the fintech and data privacy space the vast wealth of knowledge I’ve gained in my sixteen years of experience as outlined above.

The writing experience I’ve gained in my career has proved invaluable as I’ve made this transition to
working remotely as a writer.

I love to write about all things relating to tech, finance, data privacy, and software development.


Writing has always been a big part of what I do

In my many years of experience as a financial analyst and product manager, professional writing has always been a big part of what I do.

One of my primary tasks was to write numerous executive-level reports and presentations for stakeholders and management.

I’m very versatile writer
with high editorial standards

Writing proved to be one of the most valuable skills in my career.

I’m a very versatile writer due to the wide variety of materials I’ve had the privilege to write professionally: reports, presentations, press releases, blog articles, social media posts, and training materials are all up my alley.

I love working with people

In addition to my writing abilities, knowing how to naturally work for and with teams of people has been another big skill that’s benefited me immensely.

I’ve worked closely with cross functional teams to plan and develop deliverables, work plans, budgets, and timing for new programs. I’m a firm believer that consistent communication and clearly setting expectations beforehand are key to a successful working relationship.

I have a unique perspective to share

As a female analyst with sixteen years of experience in the predominantly male dominated fintech industry, I have very unique perspectives to share that your readers will find valuable.

I’m also a big believer in the power of fintech to help expand access to more secure financial services for traditionally disadvantaged people and groups.

I invite you to reach out so we can discuss how we can work together.

It’s my mission to create and deliver quality content inspired by my first hand experiences.